Louise Westerhout


After nearly three decades as a mentor, therapist and educator I feel I have developed my own individual style as a holistic health therapist, please see some facets below.

I am an Associate Member of COCHASA: https://cochasa.org.za/members-directory/15-louise-westerhout 


I have been a Reiki Master since 2000 and have taught hundreds of students throughout the world, sometimes in formal environments, sometimes just passing attunements in nature under spontaneous moments with friends, strangers, loved ones. My teacher Rita Baptista (a Franciscan nun) was 5th generation and was an old woman when I studied with her.  For me she represents a style of teaching we see less and less in the world and I cherish and try to uphold her gentle and disciplined approach and deeply wise teachings.  I encourage all students to become Masters/teachers as I feel the gift of Reiki needs to reach all as it is one of the truly sacred healing modalities available to anyone, and for this reason I try to charge modestly and do not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

There is so much information on Reiki everywhere, but none of it will tell or show you just how simple and powerful it is once it is in your body.  Reiki allows us all to have the ability to heal ourselves and others. Anyone can have it, use it, benefit from it and share it. It is transformational, the ability to draw from the natural Universal energetic field around us for the benefit of wholeness and health is our birthright.

 Please contact me should you wish to study or learn more about Reiki 1,2 or Masters.


I have been a devotee of Swami Venkatesananda for 25 years and a teacher since 1997. I had a traditional teacher’s apprenticeship for 3 years with my teacher Sita Blomkamp, a devotee of Swami Venkatesananda and in her 70’s when she taught me entirely free of charge. I am proud to belong to the lineage, to honour their traditional methods of upholding the teachings of the guru, serving others, teaching, self realization and imparting knowledge.

As a disabled person and a Stage 4 cancer survivor  I’m very interested in the consciousness that adapted bodies have.  For me the successful hatha yoga asana has less to do with physical virtuosity and more to do with self-awareness, metaphysical alignment and understanding of energy.

As a vegan feminist I apply current post-humanist and queer critical theory in order to live an ethical life and I find this blends perfectly with my spiritual study and the teachings, lectures on Bhagavad-Gita, and commentaries on Sutras of Swami Venkatesananda and Sat Guru HH Swami Sivananda (some now almost 100yrs old!)


“The soul is nothing more than a reflection of the Self, the sole reality, which is indwelling, omnipresent. It is in you, but not confined to the individuality. It gives reality to the entire personality.” 

– Swami Venkatesananda


Looking forward to learning and transforming together.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih


I have been seeing clients since 1997 and use various techniques and modalities depending on their needs.  A typical session may begin with a chat, stay a counselling session with perhaps a physical energy balance at the end.  Or if the client requires more physical help we do a blend of Reiki, massage, acupressure, energy balancing. These days its more likely to be a talk or tarot reading or distance healing via Whatsapp video.  We humans change and evolve.  I would love to think that, as a deeply imperfect being myself, I inspire us all to have compassion for ourselves.  Our crises can be challenging but can also be pathways to transformation.  I’m always thrilled and honoured and interested in the journeys of my clients, all who I learn from and trust that they know best.  I’m simply there to reflect to them what they already know. Our journey of self realisation sometimes needs support.  I have benefitted immensely from the support I have received from teachers, therapists and friends.  I view my practice as a safe  space where I can offer support and keep evolving myself.  I truly love it.


As a Wiccan I regularly run Full Moon ceremonies, and have students who apprenticing the craft.  As a vegan I am often holding cooking courses.

I teach Tarot and divination.

Reiki 1,2 and Master’s level

Also massage, yoga, meditation.

I teach one on one, groups and in person and online.

I have married people!

Let nothing impede our thirst to learn and evolve together and create a powerful and self healing, generative community.


12 Week Immersive Study

Research and craft at your own pace. Develop a sustained, intimate relationship to natural energy and the subtle, magical realms as a reflection of your spirit, for harmonising, balancing and transformation.  Access to inner resources, self-awareness and  belonging are our birthright. 

This on demand course is designed to give you time and inspiration to  heal, step forward and take up your magic mantle. 

“The soul is nothing more than a reflection of the Self, the sole reality, which is indwelling, omnipresent. It is in you, but not confined to the individuality. It gives reality to the entire personality.”  – Swami Venkatesananda

As spiritual study is first and foremost that of self, primary focus shall always be on 1) routines and practices for enhanced physical life, 2) mental development, emotional clarity and exploration of consciousness, 3) the fullest expression of your authentic personality. We shall be drawing largely from Hindu spiritual texts, and finding common magical practices from vudun, wicca, paganism although these are merely starting blocks. Students are encouraged to research and draw from many spiritual traditions according to their interests, traditions and calling.

All research and discussion is within posthumanist, decolonised, queer normative frameworks. 

Coursework includes but is not limited to:

Week 1

Origins of magic.

What do we mean by: lineage, teachers, ancestors, history, culture, ethics, stereotypes, community?

Week 2

Sacred mysteries vs rationalist science.

Myths and  folklore. Deities. Wicca, Vudun,paganism, shamanism.

Week 3

The natural world: herbal lore: familiars: elements:minerals: sun and moon: seasonal cycles.


Week 4

Healing, trauma, delusion.

shrines: altars.

Week 5

Inner work:meditation: visualisation, raising energy,grounding,clearing, running energy.

Week 6

Yoga, dance, Tai Chi, qi gong, Reiki, sex magic, gardening, diet and lifestyle.

Week 7

Spells, spellmaking, circle casting, wands.

Week 8

Spells continued. Symbols.

Week 9

Rituals, ceremonies. Creating and planning and setting intentions.

Week 10


Week 11 and 12 to be determined. Includes conclusion/beginning ceremony.

This is primarily an online course.  Notes and worksheets are provided but all students are encouraged to also do their own research.   There will be a once-weekly 1hr Zoom meeting for discussion and feedback purposes.  I am always contactable and students may organise private time with me. Each week will have practical and research homework so that you develop skills and your own personal style naturally and incrementally. 

Course fees

R600 deposit to secure space, then 300 per week (or however you wish) R3600 paid in full before 12th week.

Or R3000 (single payment) as registration and payment in full before the 12week course begins. 

My name is Louise Westerhout and I have been a devotee of Swami Venkatesananda, and yoga teacher for 25 years, a sixth generation Reiki Master for 20 years and a Wiccan for 15 years. I am a disabled person, cancer survivor..I would love you to join me on this exciting journey!

The Mother Charge

“ Whenever you have need of me, once in the month when the moon is full, meet together and adore me, for I am the Queen of all Witchery. Assemble there all you who would learn; to you I will teach things that are yet unknown, You shall be free from all slavery and as a sign that you are free you shall be joyful in your rights… for mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and mine is joy on Earth, for my law is love unto all beings. Keep pure your highest ideals and let nothing stop you or turn you aside. Mine is the secret door which opens upon the door of youth and mine is the cup of life, the Cauldron of Cerridwen which is the Grail of Immortality. I am the Goddess who gives the gift of joy to the mortal heart. Upon Earth I give knowledge of the eternal Spirit and beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand sacrifice for I am the Mother of all living and my love is poured out upon the Earth.” 


“Louise never ceases to surprise me with her incredible skill and experience regarding healing work. Her humility, sense of humour and pragmatic authenticity is so abundant, that sometimes one can miss the subtleties of her very real power. I have seen other practitioners who work with energy and healing since my first consultation with Louise, and when I mention a past problem that I saw Louise they always say how that issue isn’t showing up and the healing around is very resolved. Kind of like seeing a new dentist who comments on how well your previous dentist did a job. Louise is that rare combination of profoundly wise and deeply practical. An inspiring artist and witch, an empathetic and professional healer, and all round just the kind of person you want to be around. She has played such a significant role in my own life and on going transformation. I can’t recommend Louise enough, whether you’re needing consulting work, healing work, tarot reading, or just that wise woman energy. Louise is the village witch we all know we need!”
“I have grown so much through my sessions with Louise. Her approach makes you feel safe and she always puts your needs for the session at the core. She is able to tailor her toolkit of experience and energetic techniques to meet your needs. One of the things I love most about the sessions is how she steers you with her wisdom, yet empowering you to find the answers to your life’s challenge on your own. My vibrational energy is always higher after and I feel that I have insights and tools to address what I need going forward in order to evolve further and be at peace. A session with Louise is an investment for your highest good and for you to unlock the potential you have to be your best. I’m so thankful to have met her” – Director in Corporate.
“Louise Westerhout’s Supernaturalist course was life changing. It is so rich. Its many different elements are fresh, provocative and interesting. For me, rediscovering my connection to my ancestors, and to one particular ancestor, opened a world I had never engaged with, led to healing and connection across my family, and united us with a long neglected late grandmother. It was powerful. I loved many of the other concepts too. Although I am not ‘witchy’ myself, I found the dabbling and exploring of energy to be a wonderful adventure. As Louise herself says, some parts strike deep, others are fun, and others just float by. All are fascinating.” – T
“I was recommended to Louise for yoga classes.  Having recently found out that I had Hughes Syndrome, I was keen to manage my stress and anxiety.  I soon discovered that Louise has a very special gift – the gift of healing.  It was during one of our yoga sessions, early on, that I learned about her rare ability.  She sensed the presence of a deceased relative, someone who had raised me and to whom I had been very close.  Louise felt that my relative was trying to help in the healing process and that she could help channel the energy.  Thus began what has been a series of remarkable healing or energy sessions where her work on me (through massage and touch) is being guided by my relative and Louise’s instinctive healing skills.  The process is ongoing but I can already see the results – I require less medication, for example, and I have faith and trust in what she is doing.”


“I often travel on business and it is convenient for me that Louise can use her skills to scan, diagnose and balance from where she is in Cape Town to wherever I am in the world. I feel the effects immediately.” – Anonymous

“Louise= Vital 

Ah my Life, thank you x 1000. To start with you show me patience with life.Healing happens on your bed. I trust you. You taught me to touch with a good intention.  Breathing is prayer. Find your calm in chaos. I keep Louise to myself and share her only with the best, best of people. Aware people. It’s a very private affair. My silliness never comes with me to Louise. She doesn’t see her.

I love and would kill for a 15 minute sit down and chat to Louise before a session. We have grown into each other. I’m talking about a 20 year hands on relationship with Louise in her Obs house which is sacred, sacred, sacred to me.  We pushed boundaries together. Been through divorces together and when dusk falls I know she’s there and vice versa.

Bring it on

This woman has assisted me with my life homework for 20 years. She can scatter my ashes.” – Wim 

“I love that Louise digs deep and takes no shit! Honesty and clarity only. Movement from victim to feeling empowered and then even being empowered. I have learnt so much… About myself to new ways of living, to new vocabulary, exiting toxic relationships and creating new healthy boundaries. Also love the links to videos and talks to continually learn more. The journey is ongoing…” – S

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