Louise Westerhout

Dark Cell: Breathe

This was intended to be an ongoing collaboration with Themba Mbuli and myself. Themba passed away January 18, 2021. Rest in peace my dear friend. I dream of our work in all the worlds.

About the project, Themba writes: “Inspired by my 2012 solo “Dark Cell” which used a prison cell as a metaphor for mental imprisonment, “Breathe” further investigates this subject on a personal and psychological level.
“Breathe” depicts an intimate conversation with my therapist, Louise Westerhout, and also with myself, with the hopes of delving more deeply into the inner workings of my mind. I feel this to be an important conversation, as a black South African man especially in these troubling times.” – https://icaonline.net/artwork/themba-mbuli/

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