Louise Westerhout


GORDON INSTITUTE Live Arts Fest 2014. 

Admission is an immersive/theatre/installation hybrid which sites itself in the Waiting Room of a State Hospital. The three main performance threads by Louise Westerhout, Alberta Whittle and Jason Potgieter intertwine through narratives of illness,death,loss,grief,mediumship,love to draw the witness deep within their own personal space of body and it’s overwhelming predilection toward disease and death. The texts question our paradigms which view illness and death as failure, opening a dialogue within the claustrophobic and homogeneous setting of the Waiting Room to explore the potential of artistic expression through illness as a reflection of societal disease. How does the artist reflect a sick society? What is our unique voice? May we love our illness as the kidnapper may redeem the hostage? How do we view our life once we have passed? Admission traverses the liminal space between life/death, body/spirit, will/consciousness.



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